Dear All, We are happy to share that we donated a cow and a calf to a poor family residing at Kayapatrai, a village near Kumbakonam on June 1, 2014. SF team felt happy about this activity since this is the first major event done for developing our agriculture space. We donated to Mr. Muniappan


Dear All, We are happy to share few good news about the activities we did for the last two months. 1. We certified with 12 A registration and we got recognized by Government of India. 2. We gifted 50 Teak Wood trees (Thekku Maram) in rural areas of Kovil Palayam village near Pollachi and it


Dear Everyone, Wish you all a great 2014 and beyond.. It’s great to tell you that we are done with our 3rd Project – Gifted 50 plants to 50 families in Kottur Village, Pollachi. This project was organized by my friend Mr. Ramesh and it was well planned and it went with success. People in

Gearing up..

Dear All, We started gearing up for our registration. It will take at least 2 weeks to complete the task. For time being, our activities are on hold. Once the registration is done, we will start working on the projects for the betterment of the public. Since we started this foundation as a hobby, things

Lets Grow!

Gifted 25 plants to 25 houses in Malumachampatty village in Coimbatore. These 25 houses will grow the plants very carefully and after three months we will visit these houses and verify how they had monitored the plant. Which plant is grown well in regard to height, prosperity etc., that house owner will be given a

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